Thursday, August 30, 2012

Some things you might need...

While cleaning out the garage I ran across a few things I won't be using anytime soon.  Maybe one of you could use this stuff?  Shoot me an email for prices.  arobinson0217 at  With the exception of the seat, stuff won't be too expensive.  The seats seem to go for $350-375 on the 'Bay, so we'll work something out in that ballpark, including shipping.

-Bates TT seat.  No holes on tops or sides.  Just two tiny wear-through spots on base of the pan, where it wraps underneath.  Excellent patuna.  I have more pictures if you need them.
-'Nanner tank in bare metal and without dents. SOLD
-Nutso original J-slot aircleaner that could also be used to steer your ship in a bind.
-Bezeled glass hansome marker light that'll make a nice little headlight SOLD
-Friendly lion light that'd be a fun tail light
-VL riser that slides into the rear legs of the forks, allowing you to run Flanders risers.  Really nicely made piece

Here's another picture of the seat.

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