Tuesday, November 15, 2011

FMA Ripple Pipe FOR SALE

We have a small batch of our TOP Quality FMA Ripple Pipe for sale!
Ours has been perfected and doled out in SMALL quantities for about 7 years now by our very particular friend that makes it for us. While there are some alternatives these days (don't even be fooled for that 2 1/4" Pep Boys crap!), this is the most authentic and proportioned ripple pipe out there and MADE IN THE USA! It WILL stand up against all the rest.

Available in short and long pieces in weld-on and bolt-on applications all in 1 3/4-inch diameter mild steel.

BOLT-ON pieces have a nice finished belled tip and feature built in clamping, so no ugly clamps needed. Short are about 13" overall length and long are about 17". These come SHOW CHROMED with hardware!
(the bolt-on pieces are just headed to the chrome shop, so please expect 2-4 weeks for delivery. If you want them polished and unchromed please email grant@getchoppedout.com for a discount).

WELD-ON pieces come are mild steel and are fully polished ready for chrome plating once you weld them on your pipes. Short pieces are 11" and have a belled tip, long pieces are 17" and have a straight tip.

CLICK HERE to buy!