Saturday, February 26, 2011

1947 WL custom

I have been going through older pictures and decided i going to do a few posts on some bikes i have built in the past the first bike i ever built is this 1947 WL. I built this bike in the summer of 2007 at Four Aces cycles. This bike meant alot for me. It was the first project bike that i had purchased with the idea of doing a full build on. Wes at Four Aces was asked to build a bike for the Horse's smoke out west build off and we decided that i would do this bike for it. The best part of this build was that i was able to meet someone who since has become one my closest friends, Frank Kaisler. He helped me so much with this bike, which in turn became the basis of all of the knowledge i've used to build my other bikes. The bike is a stock 47 WL motor and frame. The neck on the frame was raked quite a bit and with the stock length 45 springer the bike sits super low. Which looks great, but it wasnt great for riding. The trans is an early 50's rigid frame triumph 4 speed, it also uses a set of primarys from the same era triumph, that to me made the bike. To go with the mix of harley and triumph i made a carb adaptor to use an Amal carb. The bike was full of other little cool bits and pieces and the paint job was done by NickOteen. The bike is now somewhere over in japan.


  1. i loved it when i first saw it that wl....ive got a wl in the shed with a trumpy 4 speed that was built in the 60's.....and another im building for a mate.....was always a nice conversion i thought...was the issue you had the rake or the lowness associated with retaining the stock springer...?

    cheers matt

  2. Nice! Up there with Gilby's Blue Knuckle. Sweet!