Friday, September 3, 2010

only natural

because where else are you gonna put em while on the road?

This was from hotel in Camerillo a couple of years ago (seeing as my bike is nowhere close to being like this anymore) when we went for the Primer Nationals. can't make it this year regretably but you all know already to go to the show, the open house at Dan's Old Gold Garage (we are a sponsor) and the Dice party.

Me and the Poon had a good time layin down some Night Moves getting up there. i just remembered that i hyper extended my knee in the Harley dealer parking lot sunday morning, hurt more than i could imagine. I foolishly thought they might have a small circlip i needed that jumped ship on the road. the bandana-suited patrons that apparently hang out in the parking lot were already lookin at me funny for doing that crazy hopping motion thing to try and start my bike, then the knee thing happened and they were all glad to own their Roadkings.


  1. cool are cool guys. let`s ride.

  2. I did the same thing in a truck stop parking lot in Tucumcari , NM. My kicker gear was worn out. When I jumped down on the kicker I met no resistance. The truckers didn`t know what to make of a 50 year old man sitting on the curb crying. Man that hurt!!

  3. I share your pain. Had bad case of Sportster knee 15 years ago. My 64 XLCH's gear broke and it felt like my leg bent backwards.Thank God I was alone in a parking garage for the 3 hours that I laid there crying!
    Still bothers me to this day, but didn't convince me to get a bike with a electric starter.