Saturday, June 19, 2010



We finally have super short velocity stacks ready to ship! These are in the line of parts we took over from T-Bone's NOISE skinny cycle parts line. They are only a mere 1 1/8-inch deep and 3-inches in diameter. We made a bunch for the venerable S&S SUPER-E carb AND we did a limited run of them to fit S&S L-Series/Super-B/Bendix carbs!

For the time being they are only available in a smooth fresh machined finish until i can get to the polish and chrome shop-stay tuned for those. Each comes with hardware ready to bolt on. And if you buy a velocity stack for a SUPER-E you'll probably want an enrichener knob to go with it! He have a limited number of NOISE knobs left before we get FMA knobs done.

The stacks go great with teh old style S&S round dounut air cleaner cover. We are working making some to sell as sets, but that's a little down the road.

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  1. Do you guys still sell the NOISE handlebars? The ones on Will's pan?