Monday, October 12, 2009

FOR SALE: 1966 Honda CB450 Chopper!

This bike was supposedly built around 1970 and was also supposed painted by Raja, Roger Castano. The hardtailed frame is fully molded and paneled to match the peanut tank. There is a Randy's springer on it that measures about 48 inches from the axle to the bottom neck cup, not sure what the rake is. Check out the Roadrunner rockers on the springer! 19" spool front wheel, 16 in the back laced to the Honda drum. King and Queen seat, sissy bar, and lots of potential. I have several boxes of Honda stuff that comes with this to hopefully make it run, I never got around to it. There's carbs, pipes, wiring, misc brackets and doodads. Been sitting since 1980. The motor is a later (non 4 speed)early '70s 450.
$2000 it's in orange county california. email