Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Spent the day getting Ron Burgundy back together...just pulled it off the lift, backed it out of the shop to let it warm up...i think i hurt it. The #3 cylinder was the worst from the head gasket let-go and the car sat for a little bit until i could get back to it...there was some funkiness on the cylinder wall that i just figured i'd see what happens...smokes a little out that side now...D'oh! maybe it will go away.........that and i suspect the O2 sensor is toast after going to antifreeze raging waters. Oh well, two day until Irwindale, if i can just make one good pass and get kicked out for being too fast without a cage!!

#3 is the one with the red! water in it

And here it is all back together....

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  1. well if you are going to blow it the hell up then crank the boost way the shit up and do it right!
    If ya got a grenade then pull the damn pin.