Thursday, November 24, 2011


i may not have Crazy Gideons charisma or product, but we do have an awesome deal for those who are xmas shopping, hating life this weekend with the in-laws or crying because you realized Gilligan did not get off of the island.

We Are Chopping Down Prices!!!!!!!!!!!!
25% off all apparel and %15 off of parts
(excluding ripple pipe and airbrushed dragonslayer tees-sorry)

enter the code BLACKFMAFRIDAY for Apparel discount in our store for the 25% discount on apparel and TATONKA for the 15% discount on parts.
this deal is good from noon tommorrow until noon sunday-California Time baby!

orders over $100 will include a mystery prize!!!!
just like the dum-dum lollipops covered in question marks!!!
CAN YOU DIG IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????

good trade

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