Tuesday, October 12, 2010


FOund this on the old geek machine's harddrive. From the the Grand National Roadster Show this past January. What a thrash to get the pile there! it still had no wiring, no ignition, no real way of working the rear brake...looked good though! probably the cleanest it ever was or will be.
I gotta for real put the L-series on and i am having a new seat i made upholstered as i type that'll leave me with the possibility of being able to reproduce. Sorry, the old seat is not for sale. All it is is a cut down a $30 swapmeet lepera and had it recovered. The new one will be more of a two up style, made a fiberglass pan that my friend Rudy of Auto Upholstery of Orange in Orange, CA is stitching up 


  1. Would you be interested in selling the old seat? The wife and I are done having kids and I want to look cool for my midlife crisis...

  2. I'll buy that seat when you get the new one! -Seriously

  3. Ha, no, but thanks. It'll be my show seat or when i just want to ride to IN'N'OUT for some delicious fries that Mike hates.
    I hate to take the seat off becasue it was done by one of the best upholsterers out there (in my opinion) Shawn of Fat Lucky fame.

  4. Nash stop yelling at me! I was working sir, had to get my C-10 back on the road, plus the shovel is slightly outta commish. Heard you had a few hickups, heard Mike and Jason had a good time on the old guys new bikes tour.