Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Zippo and Case

The family and I will be heading back east soon to visit family and friends. While we're there, one of my favorite consumer-type things to do is visit the Zippo and Case Knives factory. As far as 'Made in America' goods go, these two companies are near the top of the heap for me. The giant lighter above is one of the street lights that line Zippo Drive.  They look neat at night, but I don't have a picture handy, sorry.

A bunch of years ago Zippo bought Case Knives. Both companies are located in Bradford, PA. Much as always, I will buy a nice limited edition pocket knife, and over the course of the coming year I will lose it. Somewhere at the center of the earth there is a gnome with all of my knives and missing socks. Our paths will cross someday.

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