Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ultimate Flathead Chopper

I think Grant is so spunout in the land of flats and pans that he has overlooked one of the ULTIMATE CHOPPERS of all time, I dare anyone to deny it. This hit the cover of Big Bike in 1970 and featured a lot of D&D products. I sure hope Frank and Rich can chime in on this one. Not your typical 1970 build but probably started way before Easy Rider hit the silver screen.

At the Cycle Lodge we were recently talking about what he'd do with his panhead motor project. Now methinks he should can the pan and get Far Out with a Flathead. What do you think True Believers???


  1. I love Flattys I just got my 42 Indian Scout running! I have a motor works frame laying around that I would love to put a UL in. I love the sound of a side valve engine!

  2. That's actually my good friend Mario's bike, he still owns the bike and has since 62. Tried to get him to take it to born free last but didn't go for it, hopefully this year.

  3. Come on! Are you serious??? Bring it!

  4. Come on! Are you serious??? Bring it!

  5. Yeah I'm serious, the only thing that has changed on the entire bike which is unfortunate is the paint and front end, thankfully I convinced him to put the d&d back on. I can shoot a few pics and get more in depth info about the bike if you like.

  6. Not as epic a news as Dirty dave had, but I have the July 1970 issue of Big Bike, with Marios bike feature. The above pic is a partial from that issue's cover.

    I also have an extra centerfold from that issue, of Mario's bike. You want me to stick the cf in with the record for you Grant? You know you want it....

    1. "Flathead Fantasy" I love that article, and I got that same issue of Big Bike Dec 1970, but on the cover I got there's a white Panhead with dual Monoblocs. Could it be they did two covers maybe?