Friday, August 5, 2011

Been sick...

The regular kind of sick, not the "sick" that kids uses these days to describe their favorite motorcycles, i.e. "dude, look at that sick bobber".
Anyway, laid on the couch a bunch with Clyde, we watched some movies including Bronco Billy. Never seen it before and quite enjoyed the old Clint Eastwood film. Maybe because it had most of the cast from Every Which Way But Lose (for which my dog Clyde is named after). I stayed awake the whole time, Clyde slept through most of it.
Wonder if kids still want to grow up to be cowboys....


  1. Get better and give me a tour of the Cycle Lodge already! :)

  2. that movie....don`t use the word cowboy in association with THAT movie..... it is hard to believe he played rowdy yates....clint had an era of mind farts that rendered him retarded for a few years....must had needed the movie to start doing his own shit.... i just can`t figure it out. go figure......