Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2 paintjobs

I completed ten paintjobs over the last year. it doesnt sound like much, but they are real hard to just crank out when you really care about the job, take your time and do the best work that you can. Here are two paintjobs that made their debut at the GNRS. Jeff Leightons 1938 Knucklehead "Violet Fantasy" and Chris Broders 1949 Chevy "Cyaneyed".

Violet Fantasy

About a year ago Jeff approached me about painting the ultimate mid-60's show chopper he was building. I gave him my input as to what he would need for that and he was down to compromise nothing. Down to completely ruin a real nice 56 straightleg with molding and metalflake.
I layed out a pattern on his tank and he made it happen in steel-the goal being that the molding would look like it was just part of the paintjob until you get up on it and see the concavity.

sometime during the course of the intense molding and metalflaking taking place i picked up a veiling gun(that i was looking for 12 years for) used it first on the triumph tank i sprayed for Shige, the big S behind all of mooneyes, and then used it to veil Jeff's entire frame tank and fender. what this gun does is spin the paint out in a spiral pattern-but it only works with modified lacquers-this is not cob-webbing.
after the veiling i fogged a purple kandy blend everywhere.
then the dished areas were sprayed in a murano pearl blend of magentas.

without really counting, Im gonna say that close to a gallon of clear went down on this job just to make everything nice, smooth and deep(plus countless hours of wetsanding)
special thanks goes out to my molding/polishing madman Gary Gastmeyer

then there is the 49 Chevy I painted for Chris Broders. It's too late tonite to talk about this now(seeing as how it became much more than just a paintjob) so dig these pictures and I'll make another post later all about the paint, the car, the client, the details, Larry Watson, Mox Miller, Dennis Rickleffs and the great job done by Circle City Hot Rods in building the car.

I grabbed these pix from Eric at Los Boulevardos from a link off the hamb. these guys really dig the custom cars built during the late 60's and it shows.


  1. Both awesome paintjobs. Jeff's Knuck is awesome.

    First time I've heard Chris's name since I featured his pared-back, blacked out XLCH nearly a decade ago on the GK website.

  2. I've seen killer paint jobs on bikes and cars since the late 50's/early 60's and your work certainly ranks up there with the very best.
    You have learned your art and respect those that have gone before.
    I'm in awe of the talent and hard work. For me it's all about the design, the complimentary colors and the desire. It all comes through in your work.

  3. That knucklehead is fantastic! Any chance there might be a post about the veiling gun itself in the future? It would be interesting to see.

  4. hi! harpoon!
    knucklehead is super cool !!
    I like biolet color and show name Violet Fantasy.
    your idea black spiral pattern? is very nice!!
    far out!!!!!!!!!!!man!!!!!!!!
    some day I want to see these cool machines
    by my own eyes!

  5. Man, those paint jobs are incredible.I have to agree, your eye for color and design is impecable. Truly inspiring.

    Jay...We talked screenprinting at the Long beach swap, grants friend. Keep it up!

  6. one of the best car's there Grant so sic!